Saturday, September 28, 2013

Poor Crash! :(

 Woah... Jackie it's been 6 whole months since you last graced the inter-webs with your presence. Yes, I know. I really do have a mighty fine excuse though. Really. 
So... one day I logged into my Blogger account and POOF there was nothing there! Literally nothing. All of my blog posts were missing, every time my mouse ever so slightly caressed the "new post" button a blank page would appear, and let's just say I was not a happy camper. I would log on every few weeks to see if my account had magically reappeared, because I know how much all of you were dying to read about my exciting world of mommy hood. After months and I mean months of trying to get my blog back... It was randomly back in all it's glory. Who-hoo! Simmer down now! Don't get so gosh darn excited. ;) 

Meanwhile I'm just sitting here biting all my nails off worrying about my darling pooch Crashy-Poo. Crash is my 4.5 year old, 60 pound mutt, he's the cutest thing you ever did see and he's kind of an idiot. He smiles when he's really excited and flies through the air whenever his Daddy comes home from work. We named him Crash because when he was a puppy he was super clumsy, and literally ran into walls, bounced right off and continued on with his day as if nothing ever happened. Well my poor boy is at the vet recovering from a mass removal surgery. This weird freakish looking thing grew from a tiny little bump to a nasty crater-ish mass in a matter of 2 weeks. I am actually allowed to go pick him up right now, but you'll never guess who's sleeping? Miss Eva B. I want to go wake her butt up so I can get my doggy, bring him home, and cover him with hugs and kisses. I absolutely hate when one of my fur-babies is sick, but when they need surgery it's horrible and I freak out and cry... yes cry. Mind you I worked at a vet for 2 years and I have seen some pretty nasty stuff. I've assisted in tons of surgeries and sadly I have seen my fair share of pets put to rest. I've been peed on, pooped on, scratched to all hell, and even had the wonderful experience of having anal glands expressed on me. Very nice! I don't think I need to explain how lovely and unforgettable that was. But anyone who knows me well knows that I love animals more than most people. You can take that however you'd like, but it's true. There is no better feeling then walking in the door to be greeted by 4 little creatures who love you so much that they can't help but go ape-shit.

Crash was my 20th birthday present from my boyfriend Daniel. I begged and begged for a kitten and we ended up with a Crash. We adopted him from an animal shelter, he was only about 2 months old and he was so teeny tiny! I chose him because he was absolutely adorable, and he had just been neutered so he was extra whiny and irresistible. I just knew I had to have him. Crash drives me crazy almost every single day, he has terrible skin allergies and he poops in the house every time it rains because he thinks he'll melt if he gets wet. He sheds so badly that I have to vacuum almost every single day, he barks a bit too much, and he goes out of his way to eat his sister's food every single day. There have been plenty of days where I don't give him enough attention or I feel overwhelmed because I have 5 pairs of eyes goggling me all day everyday. I guess most stay-at-home mom's with 4 pets and a toddler (who might I add is crazy), could probably understand. I honestly hate that sometimes it takes a scary thing like surgery to make you realize how much you love that little fool and hate for him to ache. I cannot express how much I love Crash, he is the sweetest, dumbest, goofiest dog I have ever met and I am so lucky we found him at the shelter that day. I know that there will never be another human being in the world who will love me as much as my fur-kids do. That is the honest truth. You will never understand unconditional love until you gaze into the beautiful, trusting eyes of your furry best friend. I love you Crash.

Now if Eva would just wake up!

Momma's Coming!


Here's my handsome boy!

The day we adopted him! How precious is he?