Monday, March 18, 2013

Review of the Nescafe Momento Specialty Coffee from

As most of you guys know I am a member of the website Anyone can join, it's totally free, and you get awesome free full-sized items to sample in exchange of a review. All you do is answer the surveys on's website and they will match you to certain "campaigns" that they feel suit your interests and life style. I was chosen to be a part of the Nescafe Momento Specialty Coffee campaign and I am here to give you a review on these coffees. I received 3 boxes of coffee in the flavors cappuccino, mocha, and caramel latte. 

Here is what I received in my bzzkit. I also received a ton of coupons to hand out to my friends and family! 

As you can see from the picture above these coffee's come with 8 individual packages in each box. You can take these little packets wherever you go, as long as you have access to hot water you can make a cup wherever you'd like!  I am a huge coffee drinker, I average anywhere from 2-6 cups a day depending on how much my daughter decided to sleep the night before. ;) So you can imagine how excited I was to get the opportunity to try these for free! Thank you so very much and Nescafe! 

Caramel Latte- By far my favorite of the three. This coffee smells delicious, it foams up beautifully, and it tastes great! It has a pretty strong caramel taste which I usually don't like but for some reason this coffee just works. This coffee requires no sugar or milk and it absolutely delicious! 

Cappuccino- This was my second favorite of the three. This coffee foams up really nicely, but I did feel the need to add sugar to make it a bit sweeter. I thought this coffee was a bit bitter, had the strongest true coffee taste and overall tastes really nice with a pinch of sugar. 

Mocha- This was my least favorite of the three but I still really liked it. This coffee requires no sugar or milk and foams up just as well as the other two. This coffee was very thick and almost had a bitter dark chocolate taste and not much of a coffee taste at all. This is more of a desert coffee and is a bit too sweet for my liking in the morning. 

Overall I am delighted with these coffees and I am so thankful that and Nescafe gave me the opportunity to try them. If you see these in your store I highly recommend you grab a box or two and give them a try. I think these would be perfect for people to use at work since they are so portable and easy to make! These coffees are the perfect pick me up and they really are delicious! 


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Project Bottle Update!

As most of you guys know I am on a Project Pan and a Project Bottle. Basically I have way too much stuff and I am trying a less is more approach to my life. We can all get a little bit caught up with over buying and I am totally guilty of that. Times are getting a bit tough for my family right now and I am really trying to force myself to only purchase what I really need and keep myself from wasting money. So here are some more things I've used up in my Project Bottle. 

Small Jar of Vaseline
This was getting old so I decided I wanted to go ahead and use it up. I use Vaseline for chapped lips, dry skin, heal balm and for diaper rash. I used this jar up on my heals and it worked great! Vaseline is a staple in everyone's medicine cabinet but I am going to look for a more natural alternative once I am totally out of what I already have. Any suggestions? 

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
I really enjoyed this mask and this huge tub lasted me about 2.5 years... which in my eyes is pretty gross considering beauty products do have expiration dates. I got this at Sally's Beauty Supply for around $5.50 so for the price it's a great deal. This has a pretty strong tingling feeling when applied and it makes your skin feel super soft. The tingling can actually make your eyes water a wee bit so be prepared with some tissues! I don't think I will be repurchasing this because it has some pretty nasty ingredients in it but if you aren't concerned about more natural skincare I do recommend this. 

Precious Perfume (Vera Wang Princess Knockoff)
This is my all-time favorite scent... of ALL TIME! Ha Ha. I love this perfume. I'm terrible at describing scents so you would have to go to the store and take a sniff. It's a musky vanilla scent, and every time I wear it I get a ton of compliments. This is about $4.99 since it's a knockoff and the real Vera Wang Princess ranges from $60-$75 and the two smell almost identical. I am starting to have a hard time finding this in stores... I am deathly afraid that it is being discontinued. I will repurchase this as long as I can find it, just cuz my nostrils love it so. :) 

Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser
Say hello to the never ending and I mean never ever ending face wash. This took Daniel and me about a year to finish... and we actually had a few more uses left but the bottle had been in our shower so long that it was growing mildew on the inside. EW! After I had my daughter my face was really dry so I decided to give this face wash a try. It totally made my skin normal again and it removed makeup quite well. If you are having some issues with your skin I highly recommend this face wash. 

I have used 10 out of 17 products that I have in my Project Bottle! I only have 7 more products to use up! Wha hoooo! What have you used up this month? 


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Project Pan Update!

As most of you guys know I am currently on a Project Pan. Project Pan is where you must use up a certain amount of makeup products before you allow yourself to buy new ones. I don't wear makeup that often anymore since I am a stay home mom. I really don't see the point in taking the time out of my day to apply makeup when I can be playing with my sweet Eva B. I love makeup and I still use it when I am going out but when I know I'm staying home for the day I don't bother and because of this it takes me forever to use up makeup products. I have come to the realization that I have far too much makeup and I am trying to cut back and only have what I really need. This is going to take me forever but I am slowly making progress and I will get there eventually! So here is what I have used up recently...

I told you I was SLOWLY making progress! I know its not much but at least it's something!

Nivea Milk and Honey Chap Stick
This was a good chap stick. It was very moisturizing, it didn't taste bad, and the scent was nice and light. It wasn't anything remarkable but if I found it for a good price I would definitely pick it up again.

Shills Miss Perfect Pores Hide Primer 
This is an absolutely disgusting product. Please don't buy this! This primer is supposed to hide your pores and I really don't even know if it does this because I refused to use this on my face. It was super thick, oily, and really moisturizing which made my face look oily and gross. It made my makeup shiny in less than an hour and it just really shouldn't be used on someones face. I ended up using this as a foot cream which I know sounds insane, but that proves just how moisturizing this primer was. I do NOT recommend this at all. I am so happy this is gone! :) 

Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara
I really enjoyed this mascara but it started drying up on me so I decided it was time to say goodbye. This didn't lengthen my lashes that much but it added tons and tons of volume. The only complaint I have about this mascara is that it hurts like hell when you stab yourself in the eye with the brush. It has one of those huge, plastic bristled brushes and I would accidentally stab myself in the eye balls with this brush quite frequently. I do recommend this mascara but please use with caution! ;) 

I have used up 7 out of 20 products so far! Let's keep this going, shall we?
Comment down below about your progress! Good luck!


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Products I've Used up!

Here are some more reviews on the products I've used up recently! 

Brut Deodorant 
Obviously this was Daniel's deodorant and I thought it might be kind of cool to include men's products too! That way all my readers know what NOT to buy their super special man friends. ;) Daniel hated this deodorant... it simply did not work. He felt like he would apply it a few times throughout the day and it still did nothing. So we don't recommend this at all. 

Pumpkin Spice Candle from Walmart
Eh... I got this in a 5 pack as a gift and in the beginning I LOVED it! Pumpkin is one of my all time favorite scents and for Fall I become quite obsessed with anything and all things pumpkin. This smells really nice but it becomes too overwhelming and kind of gave me a headache. This came with 3 small candles and 2 large candles. The small candles were great and were not overwhelming at all but the larger ones were way too strong. I would recommend this candle but only in the smaller size.

VO5 Tea Therapy Conditioner
I do not like this. I have curly, long, and easily tangled hair and this does nothing for it. This conditioner is so watery and runny that I have to use two handfuls just to somewhat untangle my hair. I have one more bottle of this that I am currently using and after that I will never repurchase this again. 

Ulta Clear Nail Polish
This worked fine but I have had it for so long that it has become to thick to work with. I had to toss it, but it did the job and I would repurchase it if the price was right.

Johnsons Baby Shampoo
I used this to clean my makeup brushes and to bathe my dogs. I won't be repurchasing this because I'd rather use my Dr. Bronners Magic Soap, but this does work pretty well. 


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Walmart Couponing 3-5-13

I had to go to Walmart today for dog food and cat food and I decided to walk around and see what other goodies I could find. I did pretty great actually and even found some cute clothes on clearance for Eva! There were some great baby clothes on clearance for $1.00, so if you need clothes for your kiddo I suggest you go to Walmart asap! 

Here's what I got! 

Size 3T pants for Eva for only $1.00 each! Yes, I know she is only 18 months but I like to buy her clothes when they are on a huge clearance that way I don't pay full price when she needs them. I cannot turn down a pair of jeggings for Eva. She looks so damn cute in them plus they are super comfy since they are just leggings that look like jeans. They had a ton of other clothes on clearance but I am going to a huge consignment sale in 2 weeks so I decided to hold off for that. If you live in the Gwinnett County area in Georgia and have kids click HERE to see information on this great consignment sale. I went when I was pregnant and got a ton of really great stuff! 

Onto the couponing!

Vidal Sassoon Smooth Shampoo 12 oz $2.47
Vidal Sassoon Repair Spray 5.07 oz $3.97
Use *PEELIE* These were on all the Vidal Sassoon products at my Walmart! $2/1 Vidal Sassoon color, care, or styling product (excludes trial/travel size) exp. 6/30/13 AND
Use the following coupon
This brings the shampoo down to $0.47 and the repair spray is FREE! 

Neutrogena Facial Bar 3.5 oz $1.97
Neutrogena Hand Cream 2 oz $3.67 
Use $5/2 Neutrogena Hand, Hair, Body or Men's Product exp. 4/27/13 (SS 2/24/13)
This brings it down to $0.64 or $0.32 each! 

Olay Beauty Bars 3.17 oz $0.97 each
Use the following coupon
 After coupon these are FREE! 

Kotex Liners 18 count $1.24 each
Use $1/1 U by Kotex Product exp. 3/31/13 I got these in the mail with some samples
After coupons these are $0.24 each! 

Thanks for reading and happy couponing!