Monday, October 14, 2013

Awesome deal at! :)

I recently discovered the website and I wanted to share my purchasing experience with you guys. is a lot like, everything is on an auction and you bid against other people for the items you want. As most of you know I am a bit obsessed with makeup, so shockingly that's what I purchased. Right now if you sign up for and you get someone else to sign up and make a purchase, you both will recieve a $5 credit. You can have more than one account per household, so I just signed Daniel and myself up. After Daniel signed up he got a $5 credit which I used to purchase a blush, and then I got a $5 credit after his purchase went through and I used this to purchase another blush. Here is what I got....

I got two blushes from the brand The Balm, which is cruelty free!!! I have wanted to try this brand for a very long time, but they are extremely expensive. Both of these blushes retail for $21 each and there is no way I would ever spend that amount of money on a piece of makeup. That's just crazy! First I used Daniel's account and I won a bid on the blush named Cabana Boy, which I won for $5 and shipping was $5. So after I used my credit I only owed $5 on a blush that retails for $21. Next I went onto my account and I won a bid on the blush named Frat Boy, my winning bid was for $7 and shipping was $5. The total was $12, but then I used my $5 credit making this blush cost $7. All- in-all I spent $12 on the two blushes after using my account credits, and remember if I would have bought these blushes at full price I would have spent over $42! Yeah right... So already this is quite a good bit of savings! I went ahead and paid with my PayPal account, and I got a very exciting surprise! Paypal offered me a $10 statement credit if I joined their Bill Me Later program. The Bill Me Later program lets you pay your purchases off over 6 months with no interest. So after I signed up I immediately got the $10 credit, and that made my total purchase amount only $2! I got each blush for $1 each, which means I saved over $40! I am soooo excited! You guys should totally check this site out!

I read some mixed reviews about, where some people loved the site and some people hated it. I had a great experience, the shipping was super fast, and the packaging was awesome! I was a bit nervous that the blushes might break while being shipped, but they came in perfect condition. 

If you want an invite from me so you can get a $5 credit just let me know and I will send one on facebook!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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