Saturday, May 3, 2014

Empties/Product's we've used up!

Ughhhh! Can I just say that, please? I totally made a YouTube video about all of these products and it got DELETED. Rggggh. Ok, I am done. But really it is really annoying when videos just go missing into thin air. At least I took pictures, right?
 Let's see what we used up this week! 

Just The Basics 2x concentrated Laundry Detergent- HATE. This is the CVS store brand and this laundry detergent sucked ass when used for cloth diapers. It worked fine on regular clothes, but if my laundry detergent can't wash everything from clothes, to blankets, to cloth diapers then it's not welcome in my house. I have one more bottle to go through and then See ya later! 

Witch Hazel- This was from Walmart and was less than $2. It worked great, it's pretty decent ingredient wise since it only contains witch hazel and alcohol, and its cheap! I used this as a facial astringent, but it can also be used to clean cuts, burns, and any skin irritations. I am going to start making an apple cider vinegar facial toner so I probably will not repurchase this anytime soon.

Colgate Total Advanced Mouthwash- This worked fine. I got it for free, it didn't sting my mouth, but I would never pay full price for this. 

Nivea Touch Of Sparkle Moisturizing Bodywash- This was not at all moisturizing but it did smell nice. I got this for free, would never pay full price but it's a decent body wash. Enough said.

Dove Men+Care Sensitive Scalp Shampoo- This was Daniel's and it smelt ahhhhhhmazing. I seriously loved the smell of this shampoo. It was the perfect manly scent. Daniel said he liked it, but who knows... he probably doesn't even remember. I got this on clearance so it may be discontinued or maybe just repackaged. 

Ponds Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes- Hands down the very best makeup remover wipes I have ever used. I LOVED these! They didn't sting my eyes, they were quilted so they got every spec of makeup off, and they seemed to even exfoliate a bit. Did I mention I got this 15 pack for a whopping $0.15 cents at Target? Now do you see why I could just marry Target? Target, will you marry me?

Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask- I really enjoyed this face mask. I got a pack of 5 at Target for $0.04 after clearance and coupons.... do you see why? ;) This heated up for about 15 seconds and it really cleared my pores out big time. I have 4 more to go through and then you will get my final opinion on this, but so far I am liking this mask a ton.

Thann Aromatherapy Shampoo and Conditioner- My Mom left these at my house after she came to visit. She got these from the Marriott and although I wasn't super impressed by these I LOVED the scent. The really smelt amazing, just like the Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy line.

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lipbalm- This is my all-time favorite chapstick. It tingles on your lips, it's thick and super moisturizing and it's natural! Ohhhh yeah buddy. It's perfection. 

Ulta Nail Polish in Romance- I liked this nail polish a lot, it was a mauve color and was super pretty. I really only paint my toes because whenever I paint my fingers it chips the same day. So I am unsure if this has the best staying power, but on my toes it stayed on for months at a time. 

La Tourelle Coconut Oil- I absolutely love coconut oil. We used this on Eva every single day as body lotion and it does wonders for her sensitive skin. I have already repurchased, but I did try a new brand and it smells just like Almond Joy candies and it's pretty delightful!  

Yes To Baby Carrots Nourishing Baby Lotion- I got this on the YesTo website during their $2 sale. I really enjoyed this lotion, it was unscented and it worked really well. I would definitely consider repurchasing it if I could find it on sale again.

Crayola Bath Tub Paints- My sister Shannon bought these for Eva and she loved them! So thank you, Iqui, I love you! These "paints" were actually soap, so Eva could paint all over herself and then clean her body too! You can color all over the place and it just rinses off while cleaning so I am totally cool with that! 

Up & Up Petroleum Jelly- We used this as diaper rash cream and boy, am I glad it's gone. It didn't work that well and I really just don't love Vaseline. Ah well. 

Parent's Choice Baby Wipes- The have a very strong scent, it's a beautitiful scent but I usually go for unscented baby wipes. These were actually used on my nephew, who I babysit a few days a week, and they worked great! You can always buy the store brand baby wipes, they work just as well at a fraction of the cost. 

Kirkland Baby Wipes- These are my favorite baby wipes. My grandparents bought me and my sister huge boxes of these and we were so excited. We don't have a Costco membership and that's where these are from. These were thick, unscented, and pretty large and I really enjoy them! I have even used them to remove my makeup. Shhhh, don't tell. 

What products have you used up? Leave me a comment down below! 


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  1. Referring to your Dove Men item, the past tense of smell is "smelled" not "smelt." Smelt is a small time of fish that can be eaten.