Saturday, March 16, 2013

Project Bottle Update!

As most of you guys know I am on a Project Pan and a Project Bottle. Basically I have way too much stuff and I am trying a less is more approach to my life. We can all get a little bit caught up with over buying and I am totally guilty of that. Times are getting a bit tough for my family right now and I am really trying to force myself to only purchase what I really need and keep myself from wasting money. So here are some more things I've used up in my Project Bottle. 

Small Jar of Vaseline
This was getting old so I decided I wanted to go ahead and use it up. I use Vaseline for chapped lips, dry skin, heal balm and for diaper rash. I used this jar up on my heals and it worked great! Vaseline is a staple in everyone's medicine cabinet but I am going to look for a more natural alternative once I am totally out of what I already have. Any suggestions? 

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
I really enjoyed this mask and this huge tub lasted me about 2.5 years... which in my eyes is pretty gross considering beauty products do have expiration dates. I got this at Sally's Beauty Supply for around $5.50 so for the price it's a great deal. This has a pretty strong tingling feeling when applied and it makes your skin feel super soft. The tingling can actually make your eyes water a wee bit so be prepared with some tissues! I don't think I will be repurchasing this because it has some pretty nasty ingredients in it but if you aren't concerned about more natural skincare I do recommend this. 

Precious Perfume (Vera Wang Princess Knockoff)
This is my all-time favorite scent... of ALL TIME! Ha Ha. I love this perfume. I'm terrible at describing scents so you would have to go to the store and take a sniff. It's a musky vanilla scent, and every time I wear it I get a ton of compliments. This is about $4.99 since it's a knockoff and the real Vera Wang Princess ranges from $60-$75 and the two smell almost identical. I am starting to have a hard time finding this in stores... I am deathly afraid that it is being discontinued. I will repurchase this as long as I can find it, just cuz my nostrils love it so. :) 

Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser
Say hello to the never ending and I mean never ever ending face wash. This took Daniel and me about a year to finish... and we actually had a few more uses left but the bottle had been in our shower so long that it was growing mildew on the inside. EW! After I had my daughter my face was really dry so I decided to give this face wash a try. It totally made my skin normal again and it removed makeup quite well. If you are having some issues with your skin I highly recommend this face wash. 

I have used 10 out of 17 products that I have in my Project Bottle! I only have 7 more products to use up! Wha hoooo! What have you used up this month? 



  1. hi, just found your blog. i wanted to give a recommendation for a vaseline alternative. live clean makes a non-petroleum jelly sold for babies that is really nice. i use it when i get chapped skin or have a cold for around my nose and it smells like lavender too.

    1. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I will check it out. :)