Saturday, April 19, 2014

CVS, Dollar Tree, and Target finds!

Hey guys! 
I feel like I haven't written a blog post in forever, it feels great to be back! I have finally started my very own YouTube channel, and I really couldn't be more excited about it. I don't know what took me so long, probably the fact that sometimes I can be a wee bit of a chicken. I actually have a video that goes along with this blog post, so if you are interested the link will be down below! I did a little shopping yesterday and like always I found some pretty amazing deals. Of course I have to jump on here asap and let you guys know about everything I found! I bought everything from Dollar Tree, CVS, and Target. Let's see what I found this week! 

Dollar Tree

I absolutely love going into Dollar Tree every few weeks just to see what new items they are selling. I found a whole lot of good stuff this go around! 

Physicians Formula Brow-Tweez in Dark Blonde- I had one of these already and I specifically went into Dollar Tree to buy a back up. I absolutely love this eyebrow pencil, it is the perfect shade and makes grooming your brows super easy. I really would like to buy a few more but I am sure by the time I go to use them they will be pretty dry... so I will try my hardest to resist. I am assuming Physicians Formula may be disonctinuing this since it is being sold at the Dollar Tree. They also had a lot more Physicians Formula products including blushes, liquid eyeliner pens, and baked eye shadows trios, it was hard to resist but I really need to cool it on the makeup shopping. (yeah right) 

ELF Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose- I have been goggling this lip color for a century it feels. I try to stay away from the ELF website because it just never ends well for my wallet. ELF is one of my all time favorite makeup brands, they are super inexpensive, their products are amazing, and they are cruelty-free! This lip color is absolutely beautiful, it comes in a roll up pencil so it's a breeze to apply, it is opaque and 100% matte. I will have a picture of swatches and a picture of this and the gloss I bought on my lips at the end of this post.  

Fur Real Friends Dizzy Dancers- Eva was such a good girl shopping with me so I decided to buy her a little treat. I was going to save this for her Easter basket, but she already broke into it as soon as we got home. It's just a little toy that spins really fast when you pull out it's pull-cord, Eva loves it! 

Sponges- Sponges are not super exciting, but they can actually be pretty expensive at regular big box stores. I saw a 2 pack at Walmart for about $1.50 and this pack of 7 was only a buck... so yeah, I will continue to buy my sponges and most other household items at the Dollar Tree.

Laundry Detergent- I am not super picky about laundry detergent, I just do not like my clothes to have any scent when they come out of the wash. I figured I would give this laundry detergent a try since it was only a buck and claims to have 32 loads in it. I already used this to wash Eva's cloth diapers and it worked great! I will continue to use this and see how it performs on all of our laundry and I will let you know more. I am keeping my fingers crossed because laundry detergent can be pretty expensive. 

Morton Natural Epsom Salt- I actually heard about Epsom Salt from one of my favorite YouTuber's, Summer, CLICK HERE!, to visit her channel. She mentioned how taking a bath with Epsom Salts was really relaxing and good for the body. I have been interested ever since she first talked about it but I kept seeing bags that were around $5 each. As most of you know I am extremely frugal, being a stay at home mom I try to save more money than I spend, so when I saw this for only $1 I grabbed it! I will let you guys know what I think as soon as I get some time to take a bath.


Colgate Max White toothpaste- THIS SALE ENDS TODAY! 
Scan your CVS card at the red machine located inside your local CVS store and you will get a $2.50 off coupon for select Colgate toothpastes that are on sale for $3. This makes the toothpaste only $0.50, which is a great stock-up price! We have already tried this toothpaste and it foams up a whole lot and tastes really great! 


OoOoOhhh do I love me some Target! I swear I could go into that damn store every day and find something wonderful every single time! 

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume Roll-On- Originally $12, on clearance for $1.84! This smells ahhhhmazing and I am NOT a citrus type perfume person at all. This is the prefect amount of sweet and citrus and it's in a convenient roll-on, perfect to throw in your bag!  I love Pacifica brand products because they are more natural that main stream products, and this was a steal at less than $2! 

Avalon Organics Vitamin C lip balms- I am unsure of the retail value of these but they were on clearance for $0.87 each! These are organic lip balms and I am UBER excited to try these. I have been dying to try the Avalon Organics brand but they are pretty pricey, so I was thrilled to find these balms on clearance. 

Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths- $2.99
Use TRY ME FREE any (1) Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths coupon (up to $3.99) value 
= FREE + $1.00 Money Maker! *This means that an extra $1 was taken off my total transaction, in addition to this product being free!*
These cloths would be great to throw in your bag for a day at the park, or after the gym when you need a quick cleaning up. I have not tried them yet, but I will let you know what I think! 

Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Sultry Smoke- Originally $6.99 on clearance for $2.08
Use $2.00 off any Loreal cosmetic face product (exp.5/7/14)
= $0.08 
$0.08 for an eyeshadow? Yes, please! I have been wanting to try the Loreal Infallible eyeshadows for a while not but I was not willing to spend the $7. This is a matte, smoke color, and will be perfect for creating the perfect smokey eye! Swatches will be down below. :) 

Almay Liquid Lip Balm in Just Plum Good- $4.49 
Use $4.00 off any Almay cosmetic product (exp.4/27/14) 
= $0.47 :)
I just LOVE getting makeup for such a great price! This is a beautiful medium coverage pinkish-plum color, it's not sticky and it smells wonderful. It goes perfectly with the ELF lippie that I got above! Swatches will be down below, as well as a picture of me wearing it.

From top to bottom:
Almay Liquid Lip Balm in Just Plum Good
ELF Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose
Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Sultry Smoke

Here I am wearing a combo of the ELF Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose and the Almay Liquid Lip Balm in Just Plum Good. I quite like the combination if I do say so myself. ;) 

Here is my video on everything I purchased, guest staring Miss Eva B! I would love for you guys to go check it out and give me a thumbs up! 

Thanks so much for being here guys!


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