Monday, April 21, 2014

Products we've used up and reviews!

Hey Everyone! I hope you all are having a great day! Today my good friend Jessica came over with her two adorable daughter's Aria and Lorelei. We played for a while, had some yummy mac 'n' cheese for lunch, and made chocolate covered strawberries! It was a lot of fun and now Eva is taking her nap.  I decided I would pop on here to write a few blog posts, and start looking for photographer's for my wedding! If you didn't know I am getting married in December and I am so excited! Anyways, I really love writing, it's something I have always enjoyed doing. It's therapeutic somehow, even if I am writing about silly things like empty products. My blog is going to be taking some twists and turns in the near future and I hope you guys enjoy the ride! I plan on talking about a lot more topics other than beauty, couponing, and freebies. So stayed tuned for that! 

Let's get on with these reviews! 

Household Cleaners 

Softsoap Raspberry Foaming Handsoap- I really only bought this because it was free after coupons and I needed another foaming hand soap dispenser for my kitchen. The smell was amazing but I really like to use my Dr. Bronner's Magic Castile Soap in all of my foaming hand soap dispensers. Regular hand soap actually contains some pretty nasty chemicals so we like the to use the organic stuff around here! 

Finish PowerBall Dishwasher Tabs- These are great! I get them for free all the time after coupons and I like how easy they are to use! You just throw one tab in the washer and you are good to go! No pouring gooey gels or messy powders! I will continue to get these when they are free but I am looking for a good homemade dishwasher detergent. If you have a recipe please leave it below in the comments! 

Dawn Original Unconcentrated Dish Soap- I LOVE Dawn dish soaps, they are my all time favorite brand of dish soap because a little bit goes a long way, it's super sudsy and you can even use it to wash your dogs! That being said... I hate this form of their soap. This is the unconcentrated version, it's pretty watery and you have to use a lot to get your dishes clean. I will stick with the concentrated version! 

Kiss My Face Peace Soap 100% Castile Soap in Grassy Mint Scent- I got this at Ross for $3.99, which was a steal! I love Castile soap for my foaming hand soap dispensers, homemade cloth wipe solution, bathing my pets, cleaning around the house, and for body wash and shampoo for Eva. This product is organic, smells amazing and is extremely versatile! Best of all this products is not tested on animals! 

Beauty Products 

Almay Eye Makeup Remover Wipes- I really like these, they are really wet which I prefer and were only $1.00 after coupons. These take off all face and eye makeup, but they can sting your eyes a bit if you scrub your eyes too hard... but you shouldn't be doing that anyway! 

Green Apple Chapstick- A chapstick is a chapstick... but I liked that the scent was Green Apple! It smells pretty delicious, but don't eat it. ;)

Mario Badescu Toning Lotion- This was just a small sample but it lasted me almost two weeks! I used this as a toner after I washed my face and it took off any remaining makeup. This was soothing, helps close your pores after washing, and gets your face ready to accept your facial moisturizers more effectively. This is pretty pricey, so I doubt I will buy it. 

Suave Moroccan Infusion Conditioner- This smells amazing and de-tangles really well. I feel like it may be a little too heavy for my hair, it seemed to weigh it down, and I only liked to use this when I used a clarifying shampoo. If I used the shampoo that goes in conjunction with this conditioner my hair was super greasy and weighed down. 

Schick and Venus Razors- I loved these razors! They both had 5 blades and I was able to shave my legs super fast with these. The refills for these are a ridiculous price so I will not be repurchasing them, but they are always nice to try when I receive them for free!

Lush The Olive Branch Body Wash- I totally thought this was shampoo. My friend, Jessica gave this to me and I definitely washed my hair with it... not going to lie it works pretty darn good as a shampoo. But really... it's for your body, it smells amazing, and if you a ton of money to spend on Lush products I suggest you check this out!  

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste- Finally, I am done with these darn toothpastes! I got a 3 pack at BJ's because they were super cheap after coupons, but these made my teeth SO VERY sensitive. I was convinced I had a cavity every time I used this because my teeth would ache like mad. This took us forever to use up because we only used this every few days to avoid tooth sensitivity. I will never buy these again. On the bright side, this did whiten my teeth, but it's not worth the pain. Sorry. 

Baby/ Toddler Products 

Comforts Lavender Baby Bubble Bath- I received this complimentary from I usually don't use products like this on Eva because I try to avoid putting yucky chemicals on her. But Eva LOVES her bubbles so I figured a bubble bath once in a while wouldn't hurt her. This smells delicious! 

Hylands Baby Cough Syrup- This is an all natural cough syrup for babies and toddlers and I am kind of on the fence about it. I received this sample from when I ordered a diaper cover for Eva. Eva was really sick with a terrible cold that lasted about a week and we used this for about 3 days before it ran out. Every time I gave it to her I felt like she coughed more for a few minutes. Then her cough would go away for a few hours. I don't know if this really worked, but I wasn't too thrilled that it made her cough so much after taking it. 

Seasame Street Fizzy Tab Colors- Eva loved theses! You just drop one or two into a bath and it changes the color of the water! The ingredients are so-so, but sometimes you gotta make an exception so your kid can have a little fun! These are super inexpensive too, its $1.00 for this trial packet that has 9 tablets or about $5.00 for a pack of 150 tablets. 

Pet Products

Pet Head Life's An Itch Passion Fruit Itch Soothing Wipes- As most of you guys know my dog Crash has terrible, terrible skin allergies. He itches ALL the time, his skin gets red and raw, and he's pretty smelly most the time. I know he sounds gross, but he is one of the most handsome men I know! We've just recently started giving him allergy medicine twice a day and it seems to be helping him so much! His skin is a lot less red and itchy and he seems a lot happier! Any-who, these wipes smell really great but they honestly do nothing for itchy skin. Every time we used these on him they made him smell a wee bit better, but the itching didn't subside. I think you can pass on these. 

What empty products are you happy to toss?


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