Monday, December 17, 2012

HUGE Makeup Clearance at CVS!!!

CVS is having a huge clearance event on a lot of their makeup products. I went today and yes I bought a few things... even though I am on a Project 20 Pan. I am a huge failure... wah wah waaaah. Do not fret! I am still doing my Project 20 Pan, but being the makeup obsessed lady that I am I couldn't turn down a 50%-75% off sale! This clearance event is happening at all CVS' across the U.S. as far as I know. So if you are in the market for some new goodies I highly suggest you mosey on down to your nearest one... or 5. ;) I only went to one store, believe me I wanted to go to more but I had a napping baby at home and I was on a mission to finish my Christmas shopping for the boyfrand. So while Eva was at home snoozing with her Pops I decided to check out CVS while I was out and about and boy did I score! I only picked up 4 items, and I am very proud of myself for that. It was hard not to grab every single thing, but I really am trying to buy less makeup.  

Here is what I got! 

As you can see everything I got was 75% off, I only spent $8.65 and that is without any coupons! 

Milani Nail Polish in Mint Candy $4.60
After discounts $1.17

Revlon Colorstay Blemish Concealer in Fair $10
After discounts $2.49

Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara in Blackest Black $8.99
After Discounts $2.25

Milani Runway Eyes in 01 Designer Browns $9.49
After discounts $2.25

Total before discounts $33.08
Total after discounts $8.65

That's a total savings of $24.43! 

Now I am sure you can see why I couldn't turn this sale down! Now stop reading already and go get you some makeup!



  1. This sale about killed me! I bought the same Milani Runway Eyes plus the Couture in Purples... the same nail polish. lol. And then I ended up with 7 of the Revlon lipsticks that were 75% off. I do believe that is why my Project 10 Pan never PANS out! :D

    1. I really love the Milani Runway Eyes and my CVS only had one of the Revlon lipsticks left and I already had a color pretty similar so I didn't get it. But if they had more I would have been screwed lol. I pretty much suck at Project Pan but I am trying and that's all that matters... RIGHT? haha Thanks so much for reading my blog!

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