Saturday, December 29, 2012

College VoxBox 2012

If you haven't signed up for go do it now! This is a really cool site that will send you a box of free goodies every once in a while as long as you stay somewhat active on their website. If you are interested in learning more about click HERE and request an invite. After you get your invite and sign up all you need to do it start unlocking badges in whatever areas you like. I was only a member of this site for a month or two and signed on every few weeks to unlock badges and I got a box! It's really that easy. :)  I am not in college and somehow I qualified for the College box, but I am not complaining! Who doesn't love free stuff? I want everyone to know before reading my reviews of these products that I am not at all bashing these companies or I am giving you my honest opinion, and I am so thankful that chose me to participate. So thank you very much! I greatly appreciate it! Here is what came in my College VoxBox...

NYC Show Time Glitter Eye-Liner Pencil  Retail $2.49
This eyeliner is really great! Its super creamy and has little glitter flecks... It glides on your waterline really nicely, it's soft, and doesn't tug at all. However the glitter can get in your eyes and cause some discomfort. I recommend using this on your top lid only, but if you are brave go ahead and live on the wild side and put it in your water line. ;) I really like this eyeliner and for $2.49 it's a steal! 

Impress Press-On Manicure Retail $7.99 
Are these not the cutest? I did not try these out for myself because I am not a big nail polish or Press-On nail kinda girl... only because I am a stay at home mom and every time I paint my nails I chip them right away. Rgh! After washing dishes or scrubbing floors I take a gander at my nails and half the polish has vanished into thin air! Not cool... at all. I gave these to my boyfriends sister because she loves painting her nails. Hopefully she likes them! But I have heard great things about the Impress brand before, a lot of people really like these nails. If you are interested in finding out more about them click HERE and you will find a ton of reviews on the Impress brand. 

Energy Sheets Retail $5.95
There are pretty gross... just saying. These reminded me of those Listerine strips that you stick on your tongue...ew. You just pop one of these on your tongue and POOF you have instant energy.... NOT! I have tried these twice and I have not noticed a difference in my energy levels at all. I had high hopes for these because I chase after a 16 month old all day and I get a bit tired sometimes. Daniel tried these as well and he didn't notice them working either. So it's not just me. Sadly I think these are a gimmicky product, and for $6 that's a total waste of money. Don't buy these... just drink a cup of coffee and you'll be fine! 

Pentel EnerGel-X Pen Retail $1.90 
$1.90 for A pen... not a pack of pens but one... one freaking pen! I am sorry but I do not like to waste money, and when I can buy a pack of ten pens for a buck that's what I am going to do! But I will be honest with you guys this is a NICE pen. :) It writes soooo smoothly, but like I said it's a pen. I am glad I got it for free because I don'y buy myself nice fancy pens, and this one is really nice. Remember when you were younger and you got all excited to go school supply shopping? No? Am I that lame? Yes, I was that kid. The one that was like YES! New pens, binders, and tab dividers... that's pretty Sweet! My best friend Katie and I would get together before the new school year started just so we could show each other our new school supplies! Geeks. But we thought we were super cool, and back then we would have been ecstatic to get cool pens like these. But nowadays I am like a pen is a pen. But enough of my ranting... this pen is nice, if you want to spend $2 go on ahead. Ill buy my cheap pack for $1 and Ill have 9 more pens that you! muah ha ha ha  ;)

Necco Tropical Wafers Retail $1.25
I hate Necco Wafers... chalk anyone? My mom LOVES the original Necco Wafers so I am saving these for her. I don't know if she is going to like this kind but we shall see! 


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