Saturday, January 5, 2013

Products I've used up!

As you all know I am on a mission to spend less money. I still have my urges to buy makeup and beauty products and I caved quite a few times last year when I saw really good sales or had really good coupons. I am still going to shop with coupons and get good deals and free items, but I am really trying to slow myself down quite a bit. I am the kind of person who sees a good deal and I feel like I have to get that certain item... even if I really do not need it at the time. So since its a new year I am going to start fresh and I am going to really limit myself on what I buy...even if its cheap and I really want it. Of course there will be times where I cave and buy things, but I am really making a conscious effort to stop being so wasteful and use up what I already have. 
As promised I am going to give you some short and sweet reviews on the finished products below. That way you can decide if you want to try them out! 

Here are a few things I have used up...

Equate Antiseptic Mouthrinse 
We really like this mouthwash. It's the Walmart brand and you can get it for less than $3. It works well, makes your breath smell good, and it doesn't have a funky taste like a lot of cheaper mouthwashes do. I recommend this mouthwash a lot, especially since it's exactly like Listerine and more than $2 cheaper. 

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste
I have used up 2 tubes of this toothpaste but it definitely causes some sensitivity which is not good at all. It makes me teeth super white which I love! I bought this at BJ's in a 3 pack, and I still have 2 more tubes to use up. I can't say if I will repurchase this toothpaste or not, I want to say I won't since it causes sensitivity but it makes my teeth look so darn white! If you don't have sensitive teeth go ahead and give this a try... but if you do I wouldn't recommend this at all. 

No Name Baby Wipes
These are from Big Lots and I got them because they were .70 and I figured hell I'll give them a try. We used these on Eva obviously and they were horrible.... Do NOT buy these. We cloth diaper during the day and use wash cloths and a homemade wipe solution, but when Eva is wearing a disposable at night or goes number 2 we like to use regular disposable wipes. I was trying to save us some money, and I am so freaking glad I only bought one pack. These were like cheesecloth. No Joke. They were thin and you had to use 4 or 5 for a poopy diaper which is such a waste. I am all about saving the environment and I recycle everything I possibly can, so when I have to use a ton of disposable wipes that really pisses me off.  Go ahead and spend the extra dollar on Huggies or Pampers wipes these are not worth your time. 

Secret Spring Breeze Deodorant 
I hate this Deodorant. It does it's job but it smells terrible. I prefer unscented deodorant and I prefer to use much more natural brands of deodorant. The only problem with the more natural brands it that they are expensive and I can get regular deodorants for free or super cheap when I use coupons. So sometimes I am stuck using nasty smelling stuff like this... because I am stubborn and when I can save $3 you sure as hell better believe I am going to do it. I still have one more of these to work through, right now I am using Tom's of Maine Unscented deodorant and I love it but its almost $4. I will not purchase this scent again that's for sure. 

Equate Medicated Acne Gel
This was pretty gross. It was kind of gritty and left a white residue on your face. I don't even know why I bought this because I never use things like this, but I forced myself to use it up just so it wasn't a waste of money. I will not repurchase. 

Covergirl LastBlast Luxe Mascara
I hated this mascara SO much! I have the LashBlast volume in the orange tube and I like that one a lot more.  This one was a blueish color and it had a pretty dry formula the first time I opened the tube. I felt like I had to apply a million coats to make my lashes look somewhat okay, and let me tell you I have stabbed myself in the eyeballs with this damn brush too many times to count. The brush is huge which I am sure a lot of people like, but I am so sick of stabbing myself in the eye with it. I will never buy this again... I really enjoy being able to see and this mascara really wants me blind for some reason. 

Pumpkin Spice Candle
This was a gift from my sister Iqui last year for Christmas. I LOVED this candle so very much. I am pretty sure she got it from Target but I didn't see a manufacturers name on the candle itself. My favorite fall and winter scent is anything pumpkin, and this is the only candle I have ever had that smelled up the whole house but wasn't over powering at the same time. This smelled ahhhhmazing and I miss it so much. :( I was so sad to see this one burn up, and I hope I can find it again next year. 

That's it for my empty products. If you have any questions just leave me a comment and I would be more than happy to help!


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