Thursday, February 21, 2013

Products I've Used Up!

I'm back again with some empty products to review... lucky you! Please contain your excitement.
I have decided to try to start buying more naturally derived and organic products. I am by no means saying that I eat organic food because I do not, we simply do not have the money for that. But I have been realizing that a ton of my beauty products have some pretty nasty chemicals in them. So I am going to use up everything I have and once I run out I am going to replace it with a more naturally derived or organic product. I just don't see the point in slathering disgusting carcinogens on my body, and I don't want my family using that crap either. I will probably continue to use makeup that is not organic simply because all the organic makeup that I have come across is ridiculously over priced.You will continue to see a ton of product reviews on products that are not naturally derived because I have couponed for a little over a year now and I have quite an abundance of things. But like I said earlier I am going to use up everything that I have and then start replacing my old items with more natural products when I run out. If you guys have any suggestions on inexpensive organic/natural products please let me know!

Yankee Candle Holiday Garland Candle
Eh. I did not like this candle at all. My mom gave it to me because she didn't love it and I was like ok... I'll give it a go. It smelled of pine, like the whole damn forest was inside that little jar and I did not like it at all. There was also a hint of cinnamon but the pine was so overwhelming you barely got a whiff of anything else. This was my first ever Yankee Candle and I must say I was not impressed with the way it burned. I thought they were supposed to burn evenly, this did not! Considering Yankee Candles are so freaking expensive they should definitely burn evenly... even if they smell like poo. Not going to repurchase. 

St. Ives Naturally Soothing Lotion
This was nice and it smelled really great! It was pretty moisturizing and it helped with my dry, itchy hands. I like this but I don't think I be repurchasing since I'm trying to use up what I have and then move onto more naturally derived lotions. 

Wet Ones Sensitive Skin Wipes
I really like these. They don't have a scent and they are gentle enough to use on my 18 month old. We like to have these in her diaper bag for when we go on picnics or when we have really dirty hands and faces. These are great when you feel like plain old hand sanitizer isn't going to get your hands clean enough. I would consider repurchasing but would like to find a more natural type of sanitizing wipe. Any suggestions? 

Glade Black Berry Jam Scented Oil Refill Candles
I got these on clearance at Target for $0.48! This was my first time trying out any type of Oil Candle and these were really nice! I loved the scent, they reminded me of fall and the scent filled up the whole house. Just just you know, you don't have to buy the "special" container Glade sells to burn these in. You can use any old candle holder to burn these, and they burn up all the way so barely any wax is left behind. These were great and I would definitely repurchase! 

Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste
Ugh! I hated this toothpaste, and I've never been one to be a toothpaste snob. But this toothpaste was gritty... why was it gritty? Someone please tell me. I will not repurchase this, AND you shouldn't buy this. Ok? Please don't. 

Up and Up Facial Scrub
This is Target's brand of the St. Ives Apricot Scrub and I LOVE this. I love abrasive face scrubs that really get all the dead skin cells off of your face and this one does a great job. But I am trying to buy products that are more natural and I have realized that there are some pretty nasty chemicals in this. SO, I am probably not going to repurchase this unless I cannot find anything to compare to it. If your not concerned about organic products then give this a go because I really do like it.



  1. I prefer the Target brand of facial scrub you mentioned to the St. Ives brand! It's cheaper too, which isn't a bad thing at all :)

    Good luck with buying more organic items! That is something I am all for!

    1. I agree! I always try to save a buck or two whenever possible! I ordered a natural face scrub from the brand Desert Essence and I read that it is pretty abrasive. Keeping my fingers crossed that it compares to Target's face scrub! Thanks for reading!