Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Empties!

As you all know I am trying to live a much simpler life and I am trying to use up a lot of products that I seem to have an abundance of. Here are the items that I have used up this past month as well as some mini reviews on each product.

Pantene Curls to Straight Shampoo
This shampoo did its job at getting my hair squeaky clean. I have wavy to curly hair and I do not straighten it more than a few times a year... who has time for that when you have a 17 month old. Right? This shampoo didn't make my hair any less curly and it didn't help with frizz at all. I wouldn't recommend this if you are trying to straighten your curls.

Pantene Medium - Thick Flat to Volume Conditioner
Since my hair is pretty long and curly I tend to get flat hair on top and I had high hopes that this conditioner would give me some more volume in the crown area... no such luck. This didn't give me any volume but it did get most of the knots out of my hair so that's a plus! 

Glade French Vanilla Candle
This is the candle on the left in the blue container. I really liked this candle, I have repurchased it a few times and I'm sure I will continue to do so. I can always find the for super cheap when I shop sales and use coupons! Vanilla scents are by far my favorite, and this candle smells so wonderful. It lingers throughout the whole house and lasts around 20 hours. LOVE it. <3

Crest 3D White Toothpaste
I really liked this toothpaste but it does not whiten as well as Colgate Optic White. This one doesn't cause sensitivity and it tastes great, but i prefer Colgate Optic White even though it does make my teeth sensitive sometimes. 

Essence of Beauty Japanese Garden Hand and Body Cream 
Essence of Beauty is sold at CVS and I got this for free with a coupon! :) I really liked this hand cream and the smell was really pretty. It's thick but it sinks into your skin really quickly and leaves your skin super soft and hydrated. 

Glade Frosted Cookie Candle
This is the clear candle on the right and I LOVED this candle. It smells delicious! I really recommend Glade candles because the scent fills up your whole house and they are really inexpensive especially when you use coupons. This was a winter collection candle so I don't think you can find it in stores anymore. 

Let's see how many products we can use up this month! 


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