Friday, November 1, 2013

Product's we've used up and reviews!

 It's that time again! I'm basically talking about my families garbage... but it's not as gross as it sounds, I promise! I've been collecting my family's used up products for the past few weeks so I could let you know if they are worth spending your money on.


Almay oil free gentle eye makeup remover pads 
These were great! I got these for free and if I can get them for free again I will definitely pick them up. They are not a staple item for me because I can just use coconut oil or olive oil to remove stubborn eye makeup. But these are much tidier and don't sting my eyes like a lot of other eye makeup removers.

Physicians Formula happy booster glow and mood boosting powder
First of all this was only halfway used up, but little miss Eva B decided to play with it and she accidentally shattered it. I'm not complaining. I hate wasting things but this powder was really crappy. I have normal skin and this had sparkles all over it so it made my skin look shiny, which is kind of the opposite reason I apply a powder. I do not recommend this to anyone, and if you have oily skin stay far away from this bad boy.

Bath and Body Products

 Garnier Fructis sleek and shine moroccan sleek oil treatment
I love argan oils and I really liked this one. It was super affordable, smelled delicious, and made my hair look really nice. I would just apply this right after the shower and it would make my curls look defined and less frizzy without being crunchy. 

Aveda damage remedy intensive restructuring treatment
Have you ever sniffed an Aveda product before? They are the best smelling things in this world, but they are so stinking pricey. The only reason I got to try this is because my awesome hairdresser gave this to me for free! Did I mention how awesome he is? I had a love-hate relationship with this though. It definitely made my hair feel and look stronger and healthier, but it did not detangle whatsoever. I liked it but detangling is a requirement for a deep conditioner in my book.

Lady Speed stick fresh infusions deodorant sparkling lime coconut
I am trying to use more natural deodorants but when I can get it for free I'll use the bad stuff. I know that's not good, but we are on a very strict budget ever since I became a stay at home mommy. I don't really need to talk about deodorant but this stuff smells ah-freakin-mazing! It smells like sun tan lotion, coconuts, and the beach and if you don't care about natural deodorants you should pick this one up. 

Venus Embrace razor
I won this in a giveaway and this razor is awesome but the refills are way too expensive! Hopefully I get some more for free, cuz this girl is too cheap. 

Schick Hydro 5 razor
I also got this for free from a sample site and it's a great razor as well but still way to expensive for me.

 Baby Products

Johnson's head-to-toe baby wash
Your crazy if you think I use this on my kid. When she was a newborn I did because I was not educated on all the terrible chemicals they put in this crap. This stuff has a form of formaldehyde in it, and there is no way I'm using it on Eva ever again. I ended up using this to clean my makeup brushes and it worked fine. But I will never purchase this again.

Johnson's natural head-to-toe foaming baby wash
We had to buy this when we went on vacation and lost Eva's regular soap in the car somehow. This works fine and the ingredients are a lot healthier than the regular Johnson's baby wash but I prefer Dr. Bronner's magic soap.

 Household Products

PartyLite nature's light white oak and sandalwood candle
This is easily my favorite candle of all time. This was a gift from my mom, and it smells so so soooo good. I really wish I could say I would repurchase this but it costs around $25. You guys know that just isn't gunna happen. I rationed this off for about two years, and this candle will make your whole entire house smell fantastic. If that price point doesn't make you flinch, go buy this candle and thank me later.

Holiday Memories mint truffle soy candle
These are sold a Kohl's and I love the fact that they are soy based, which means they are a healthier alternative to regular candles. This was really nice in the beginning but after a while the candle just started to smell like burnt chocolate, which is not my favorite scent. I have had this brand of candle in a vanilla cupcake scent and I loved it, so I think this was just a bad scent. 

Febreze lavender vanilla and comfort air freshener
This lasted me a good 3 plus years. It actually smells really great but I hate spraying chemicals in the air around my pets and toddler. I only used this when one of my fur-babies had an accident or the house smelled a bit strange. I have a few more air fresheners to use up but after that I will not be purchasing them anymore.

Seventh Generation natural laundry stain remover
I really had high hopes for this natural stain remover but it really wasn't that great. It kinda worked on some stains and on others it did nothing. If anyone has any recommendations for a more natural laundry stain remover that actually works please let me know! 

What product's did you guys use up recently?



  1. Great empties! I really want to try out some Aveda products :)


    1. Aveda products smell amazing, just the scent alone is almost worth the price! I hear they make Aveda candles... Trouble!