Friday, February 14, 2014

Bath and Body Works and Sally's Beauty Supply Goodies!

I recently got the chance to be a hair model for an old friend of mine named Carla. She works at this killer salon, Melrose and McQueen that's located in Inman Park in Atlanta. I seriously had THE time of my life. I had 4 different people working on my hair and they were all so sweet and fun! They let me bring Eva along and every time she got fussy they all ran over to her and played with her or handed her a toy or snack. It was honestly the best salon experience I have ever had, and the fact that they were so awesome with my 2.5 year old was so so great. The did a balayage on my hair, which is where they basically paint on color with no foils. It let's the artist have fun and place the color exactly where they want to. It ended up being exactly what I wanted and I didn't even know what I was getting myself into! I stopped coloring my hair about 2 years ago because I hated the upkeep, but I was definitely looking for a change and when I got this opportunity I jumped on it! My hair looks pretty awesome, its got 2 different types on blonde running through the bottom and underneath of my hair, sort of like an ombre but pretty subtle. So now when it grows out it really doesn't need any upkeep, which is totally up my alley! I am VERY low maintenance when it comes to my wild, frizzy, long curly hair, so this is the perfect hair color for me. I just want to say thanks again and again to Carla and her wonderful friends at Melrose and McQueen Salon! You guys are so sweet and crazy talented and I really loved the whole experience! Ever since I became a Mom I never do much for myself anymore so it was really nice to get to do something for me for once. If you live in the Atlanta area I highly suggest Melrose and McQueen Salon, and make sure you ask for Frankie because she is pretty darn amazing. ;) 

I have been reading up on how to keep my blonde hair looking great and I came across something called Purple Shampoo. It is literally a shampoo that is purple, and it is supposed to take away any yellow or brassiness that tends to happen to blonde hair over time. I read reviews on a ton of different brands on and I found that this particular brand had the best reviews. This is the Generic Value Products Conditioning Shampoo and you can find this at Sally's Beauty Supply for $6.59. This is a generic form of the Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo that is half the size and retails for $8.49. Now any of you who know me well are probably thinking you spent money on shampoo? haha Yes! I did! Most of you guys know that I am a big couponer, and I very rarely spend more than $1 for shampoo, most of the time I get it for free. But I figured I may as well try this out and see if it helps prolong the life of my new blonde balayage. I will be sure to let you guys know if this stuff really works! 

I was checking up on facebook this morning while I was waiting for Eva to wake up and I found a great deal at Bath and Body Works! This deal is only good today so make sure you go asap if you are interested in getting a free full-size body spray! All you have to do is go HERE! and click claim offer and the coupon code will be sent straight to your email. This offer is for a free full-size Mad About You Diamond Mist Body Spray with any purchase. I wanted to spend the smallest amount possible so I purchased a PocketBac hand sanitizer in Garden Strawberries for $1.75 and got the body spray for free! My total after tax was $1.87. Both items smell delicious as most of Bath and Body Works products do and you really can't beat that price for a big bottle of body spray. Yes, the body spray has glitter in it which I am not a fan of but I tried the tester and the glitter disappeared after about 30 mins. You have about 3 hours left to use this coupon, so I suggest you go now if you are interested! I also got a coupon for a free item of your choice with any purchase of $10 or more to use between February 17- March 9! 

Happy Valentines Day! I get to spend the day with my daughter and nephew... pretty lucky! :) 


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