Friday, February 7, 2014

Household, baby, and pet products we've used up + reviews!

I'm back with more products we've used up recently and our opinions on each product! I find these posts really fun to write and read because it gives you an idea of what you should and shouldn't spend your money on. This post contains pet, baby, and household products that my family has used up in the past month or so. Let's see what's worth your money, shall we? 

Pet Products 

Bitter Yuck No Chew Spray
This stuff is absolutely disgusting but that is what it's supposed to be. This is marketed for cats, but we used this on our dog Crash who has terrible skin allergies. He is always itching and biting but after applying this he stopped biting as much. Crash definitely has an acquired taste and he would still bite himself a little bit but this definitely helped at least 50%. My only complaint is that the spray nozzle sucks, it doesn't spray it just shoots a straight line, which makes it really hard to apply. Also, when you spray this be prepared for it to float into the air and get into your mouth.Yummy! It's really a nasty taste so be careful when applying this and keep your mouth closed! This is an all natural spray and can also be used on plants, wood, drapes, and furniture as well as your pet!

Greenies Treats
I got these treats complimentary from and my dogs loved them! These treats claim to fight tartar buildup and plaque, freshen breath and maintain healthier teeth and gums. This bag contained 10 treats so I am unable to tell you if these really helped with my dogs' tooth health, but they sure did like them. Sadly I will never purchase these because this small bag retails for $10.00, that price is a just a little, no a LOT too steep for my families budget. I am really grateful to the Greenies brand and for allowing my dogs to try these treats! Thank you very much! 

Baby Products 

Babytime! Soothing Cream 
I got this from my sister who knows how much I love organic products, thanks so much Iqui! I used this on my 2 year old daughter, Eva, and we really liked it! It's unscented which I love, organic, and nice and thick. My daughter has little bumps on her arms and thighs, the Dr. says it's not eczema and it doesn't seem to bother her at all. I was hoping this lotion would cure her little bumps, but no such luck. I would definitely use this lotion again, but I do wish it came in a bigger container. At 4 ounces we went through this in about a month, and at about $11.00 I would like for it to last a whole lot longer. 

Johnson's Natural baby Shampoo
Please do not purchase this! I got this for Eva when we were on vacation and lost her soap somehow on the way. This was the most "natural" product I could find that wasn't a rip off. It was fine for a while, but one day Eva dumped half the bottle into the tub rubbed it all over her face and she got some sort of crazy red chemical burn all over her precious little face. I rubbed her down with coconut oil and the rash went away in about an hour. I don't know how a baby product could contain something so harsh that it could burn your child's face. I ended up using this on my makeup brushes. I do not recommend the Johnson's brand at all after that experience and I highly suggest you don't buy this product. 

Househould Products

PartyLite tealight candles 
These were in the scent Be Lively and although I can't recall what they smelled like I love PartyLite candles! I got these from my Mom who used to work with someone who sold PartyLite and I really enjoyed them. PartyLite is extremely expensive in my opinion so I would never purchase them but I will gladly accept them as a gift., hehe. These candles had a great scent throw, and lasted a surprisingly long time for being such small little tealights. 

L.A.'s Totally Awesome Power Oxygen Base Cleaner 
This is just Dollar Tree's generic form of OxyClean. I use this in my homemade laundry detergent/booster and I really liked it. It's $1.00 versus OxyClean's $5.00 container that is the same size. Of course I will save $4.00 and buy the generic, I have no problem with that and you shouldn't either! (;

XTRA Fresh Cotton Breeze Laundry Detergent 
Why are some people such laundry snobs? Can someone please explain this to me? You can buy some Tide which a lot of people love for like $12.00 or you can buy this XTRA which works just as well for about $3.00. No, this detergent doesn't leave you clothes smelling like detergent but I like that. I hate when I am wearing my clothes and I smell like laundry soap. I want to smell like nothing. I guess I am just weird, but that's what perfume is for. Anywho, this detergent works great for clothes and cloth diapers and I will continue to buy the cheapest detergent I can find.

Total Home 2x Concentrated Laundry Detergent
I got this for free and it worked perfectly fine. As you can see I don't care what brand it is as long as it works! 

Gain Dishwashing Liquid 
I am however a total Dish soap SNOB! I really love Dawn and Palmolive dish soaps. They seem like they are the only ones that really suds up and get stuff super clean. This Gain soap was just ok, it was pretty runny and it definitely could have foamed up a whole lot more. I feel like I went through this bottle 3 times quicker than I would have a bottle of Dawn. 

What products have you used up recently? 


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